Monday, October 14, 2013

Art. Printing. Making Connections.

Lino Printing - Our portraits.  When I was at teachers college, good old ACE, (Auckland College of Education), I took as many art papers as I possibly could, it was 'my thing'.   I specialised in printing, particulalry lino printing.  I happened to stumble upon HEAPS of lino tiles in the deep, dark depths of the resource room, and was VERY excited.  Enough for our whole team.  I actually managed to find my own examples of the lino prints I did based on work by Nigel Brown and shared that with my students.  I never thought I would use those examples again.  Actually, when I was tallking to our students about it, another teacher in my team asked who my art lecturer was, as it sounded just like who she used to be have at ACE as well.  Turns out, same lecturer, just not at the same time.   Just goes to show if you make the right connections, whether it be a teacher or an interest or the way you learn, then it sticks even after ....  years.   What impact are we having on our students?