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Learn. Unlearn and Relearn. Taking small steps at a time to make big changes. #Ulearn13

What a great 3 days at ULearn 2013.  Connecting with people, both in person and via twitter.  Now to sit down and reflect and write about some of the things that have really 'stuck' with me.

Our notes


  • Keynote Speaker - Ken Shelton

The amazing empowerment of sharing and information is powerful; how we use it is what defines us.

The smartest person in the room  - is the room.  K Shelton

“Thank you” is the most important speech you can give anybody.
  • Leadership - Mark Osborne

Adaption - discard what you do not need and create what is required to flourish in new ways.
(ICE AGE) changing world - need to adapt or we will become “extinct”

"painting a picture of the future that looks better than it is today."

Servant Leadership - Robert Greenleaf - empowering others through leadership/serving the people around you.  As a leader -a what do u need from me. The school is the servant to the teacher or learner. Servant of the people.
Adaptive leadership - Ronald Heifetz - making small continuous changes. Change comes from the bottom up.
Leadership capacity is developed. Comfort prevents change.  Break habits with small continuous change.
First order change, second order change (waters, Tim et el)
Elephants in the room to be named How do we know how the leadership uses our feedback back to them to make decisions?

  • Keynote Speaker - Mark Pesce


  • Our Presentation:

ULearn Breakout Three - Making teacher and student collaboration a reality

Our students are excited about their learning and are actively engaged in their learning pathways. Who would’ve thought we would now have to ensure our students go out for a break and leave their learning?

We presented to about 40 people about what learning looks like in our team at NPS.  We shared our story and experiences of trying to adapt our old learning environment to meet our modern learning needs.  It was great to discuss this further and in more depth with others after our presentation.  I think presenting is great for learning - they say if you can teach it to others or share it with others then you have learnt it!
  • FUTURE FOCUSED - Mary-Anne Mills

Hobsonville Point School video

Some questions that we discussed:
  • What is the underlying philosophy of our school?
  • School Curriculum - built to last? or is it flexible to respond to student and local/global needs? (Egyptian? v ipad/tablet)

  • What are you offering in your school today to 2 years ago? The same? Different?
  • School vision - what are the key words that drive our school?

  • What does the future of the curriculum in your school look like?
    • How might we….
    • ...ask yourself why people might need, want or engage with this challenge
  • Mickey mouse is in the house TOSA’s in California
(IT will not replace the teacher but the teacher with tech will replace those who do not have IT)
Articulate what you want to achieve and making no excuses for it. Make a strategic choice and this is what we are going to do.

How are we preparing our students for their tomorrow's?
Feed the hungry - don’t water the stones....
Mark Treadwell

Why is it that everybody can learn to drive? most cognitive sensory activity to learn??
Rote learning ...has no place.
If kids have agency over their learning, they are driving it, it will make meaning and they will learn so much faster.
We at NPS are giving our students agency over their learning and finsing ways for them to make choices and drive their learning. Students are engaged and more interested in their learning.
  • Mark including the NPS Marama Team in his presentation  -Modern Learning Environments - Machines for Learning.  
You don't have to have a brand new building to make forward thinking changes in education.

"We shape our buildings and thereafter the buildings shape us."  Winston Churchill
Won't fix but not passive.

MLE planning matrix. On core ed website.

Dinner - good times!  Met lots of new people. Had many conversations about our presentation and what we are doing at NPS.  Also listened to the stories of many other schools too.
Next steps for me:
Join up to kidsedchatnz.  Trial with my homeroom in the Marama Team,  (Soaring Seniors), before the whole team.

MLE - continue to develop our flexible learning and space and campaign to prove to the BOT that we need $$ spent in our area to contnue growing the learning that we are already doing.

In my new role as Deputy Principal at Ngatea Primary School next year, I would like to try different ways  develop discussion and leaderhip within our staff at NPS:
      • “Speed dating”  - staff (30 sec talking/listening, take one step to the right, etc)
        • 30 sec to talk about teaching inquiry / the best thing that has happened in your class this week / what excites you about next week, etc
      • Ignite talks (Edu ignite)
      • Playing cards
      • world cafe
      • bus stop
      • unconference
      • reflection and continuous learning is institutionalised
        • (ref to teaching inquiry - nzc)
      • parallel prototyping (work alongside a colleague
Also thinking about how leadership capacity is developed. Comfort prevents change.  Break habits with small continuous change.

Leadership:  (some more professional reading).
Servant Leadership - Robert Greenleaf
Adaptive leadership - Ronald Heifetz - making small continuous changes. Change comes from the bottom up.

I would like my team to visit Hobsinville Point Primary School.  (Marama)

Continue to develop Student Leaderhship.  In particular our Learning Mentors, that I have set up for writing.  Continue to guide these students to make the video tutorials and upload to our Marama Site.  (Academic Leaders Team)

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